Neamț – Harghita Track

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The most spectacular track from Moldova includes Neamt County and Harghita County, and it can be covered by bike in two days. We invite you to be part of the Bike Trip group for a memorable adventure filled with adrenalin, one of a kind landscapes and traditional cuisine. You are provided with professional equipment and experienced guides


Duration: 2 days / 11-12.07.2020
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Ecumenic – Day 1

No matter where you come from, if you haven’t got yet to the north of the country, you should do it. We suggest a track along some unique monasteries located, luckily for us, in the proximity of Neamt.
At first sight, tall stone walls, but at a closer look, architectures with strong local impression in which Byzantine, gothic and Armenian influences are perceived. A visual splendour and a state of mind, because everything around emanates peace and quiet together with other sensations that make you reflect on the beauty of a simple life.
If you come with us, you should know that our trip starts at the foot of Stanisoarei Mountains where Varatec Monastery was founded in a natural and picturesque area, surrounded by the thick girdles of the fir trees, being the first monastery that we will visit. Turned into one of the greatest isles of Christendom from Moldova, it is surrounded by the monastic village where you can admire the traditional houses strung on the narrow streets. The same streets which will guide us on the road to Agapia Monastery, a monastery hidden under the braches of fir trees, with a name that signifies God’s love. Afterwards, we will stop at Sihla Monastery, which is located on a hill ridge at 1000 m altitude on Neamtului Mountains under a cluster of rocks. We found an establishment within whose perimeter there is the cave in which, in the 17th century, Pious Teodora, also known as the Saint Teodora from Sihla, lived. There is also a path with tall beech trees that goes three kilometres up to Sihla convent where we will discover the small church built from “a single fir tree” under the stone wall, a church that is a few steps long. We will eat at the monastery, in that pastoral oasis. Afterwards, we will get back on track and reach the path of the monasteries from Vanatori-Neamt Natural Park, where, with a little bit of luck, we can see bisons let loose in their natural areal. The afternoon will find us on a green and sunny peak, but with a concentrated effort. To be honest, we will have to push our bikes a little bit more. But, afterwards, there will be a descent at high speed, and we will let ourselves “lost” in the village of Magazia where, after a short portion of asphalt, we will cover the last two gentle ascents through the open woods of Neamtului Mountains.
Between us, you have to experience for yourself the quiet that you feel when you are in front of such monastery. The mountain landscapes are a must deserved to be explored. And one of the way in which you can fully enjoy such beauty is by electric bike. If you are in search of road partners, you have already found us.

Harghita – Day 2

Beneath the green forests there is a dream land. We are talking about the village of Damuc at the foot of Hasmas Mountains and a huge tourist potential considering both the natural environment which includes mountains, forests, lakes and mineral springs, and the national mountain running races organised by the Romanian Athletics Federation, this also resulting from the evaluation done by the Geography Institute of the Romanian Academy, 9 points out of 10. Thus, our wheels are heading towards the west end of Neamt County, at the border with Harghita County, starting from the village of Damuc and crossing the village of Huisurez, a mountain depression of extreme beauty. With an altitude of approximately 900 meters, after a segment of gentle ascent that gradually accentuates, we will arrive on a hill that has a short portion of pushbike. It will not be long until we reach the peak where we will find a genuine coastal road that will open our way to the hayfields of the locals culminating with a descent on a very steep pasture, offering a panoramic view of Valea Rece area which once won the “Csangos’ Festival of Polenta with Cheese”. We will talk later about culinary delights. Until then, we bathe in oligomineral water. Otherwise, the best water, having a rich complex of minerals. This is because the area, located at the foot of Baratcos Mountain (1342 m), hosts springs of mineral water. Afterwards, we will have a traditional Hungarian meal (goulash or traditional soup with bread baked in stoves just before our eyes) at a lodging where the thermal water bath is also located. At departure, because we will have to leave, although we would like to stay longer, we will cross Poiana Fagului from Lunca de Jos observing for long the bread stoves placed in the middle of the courtyards. There, the old constructions were demolished and rebuilt, keeping the classical inside and outside claying method. The houses are furnished with old traditional furniture, and the subsequently built sheds serve for various purposes, being used as bathrooms or dancing areas. We will continue our journey on the road whose slope will gradually increase, but not for long, because we will cross paths with a gravelled forest road bordered by tall straight fir trees that will guide our descent. Afterwards, we will find ourselves in the village of Puntea Lupului or Ilie Pass, how it is also called, where it seems like the time has stood still. One single day, which will begin at the border between Neamt County and Harghita County and will end at the crossing gate between Hasmas Mountains and Tarcau Mountains, and overwhelming beauty in all that surrounds us. We are privileged by the BikeTrip project, and now you can join us. It is so easy to get yourself moving. We can provide you with an electric bike. Also with the safety gear.

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