Bike Trip in Hășmaș Mountains

Hasmas Mountains are the centre of attention when we we talk about Moldavian-Muntenian Carpathians, being truly both remarkable and memorable for BIKE TRIP. During the first two day tour organised by us, they lure us. In the morning of the first day of May 2014, we left from Piatra Neams, considering Moinesti a binder, reaching Hasmas via Lacul Rosu where we aspired to an ascent up to approximately 1800 m altitude. All said and done! The hut was waiting for us, but so did the carabineer, who messed up our initial route concomitantly with the rain. The place from where we intended to descend was showing signs of destruction caused by rain. But adventure has always implied inherent risks which we took and gradually learn to manage them. Therefore, it was changed. Inconveniences never ceased to occur, because another route was taking us somewhere in Balan, in the direction of Mirecurea Ciuc, which would have extended our route. Therefore, we encouraged ourselves in order to reach in due time at our accommodation in Moinesti, and we have carefully crossed again Hasmas Mountains, taking another ascending route. Same day, two ascends, two guides and other two bikers, a watch indicating 09:30 p.m. and another 60 km until reaching our destination. An asphalted road and teeth grinding, but our feet continue pedalling. At 00:00 a.m. we were tiredly arriving at Moinesti, but with the image of the following day when we had to start all over again.