Bike Trip Romania

Bike Trips is a project for beginners and advanced, for those who love exciting sensations, nature’s wilderness, sports and team spirit. We organise well thought tracksfor mixed groups with experienced guides and professional equipment.

Predefined and custom tracks

Each track is a safe challenge. We analyse each detail, map the area, test the downhill sectors for tens a dozen times,alternate the pace flow, search for the most spectacular views and enjoy the traditional cuisine.The predefined tracks take one, two or three days, being always published on our website with detailed information on the schedule. For groups or companies, we customize the track, adapt it together for different risk groups.

Bike Trip coordinators

Andrei Nechifor and Iulian Gheorghiță are the creators of Bike Trip Romania and those who developed the Mountain Bike Trip concept, and they take part in all the stages of developing a track: design, development, monitoring. Andrei Nechifor has been practicing mountain cyclocross for over 10 years withover 34,000 km covered in an extended area. Andrei will join you on each track. Iulian Gheorghiță is in charge of the technical part of the tracks, being an experienced sportsman, a master technician who will make sure that you safely reach the finish line.